Plugins for manipulating the stereo image or routing, tone generators, and other useful tools.

Comprehensive stereo image manipulation.

A combination of stereo tools (some of which I've yet to hear about elsewhere) that make stereo image manipulation simple and effective. All while demonstrated visually in real time!

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Download StereOpposition 0.971


A modern rendition of the classic Windo... Sorry, where was I?!

SineSweeper is a Sine Sweep Generator​ with a few more options than usual. You can set the sweep speed, beginning and ending frequencies, pause, restart, pan, and output volume.

Download SineSweeper 1.0


Glitch Suppressor​.

Smoothes over digital glitches. Replaces sudden jumps in the audio with a continous waveform in realtime. Sensitivity of the detector is adjustable, and larger buffer size improves low frequency performance and increases latency. Now in stereo!

Download GlitchPress 1.05

MultiMix   (COMING SOON!)

Simple 16-channel mixer for inter-track channels.​ Includes VU meter, volume, and solo button on each channel.

Great visual assistant for multi-output instruments!

SineSeeker   (COMING SOON!)

Sinewave generator.

A simple plugin to generate a sinewave. Allows to set the range and then seek the frequency range for example for the exact room resonance.

Routing tool for inter-track channels.

Adds a few features that the internal REAPER sends window is missing. Usable for example for Sidechain, Surround, and unconventional M/S or crossover processings.

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Download Routter 1.17


Blip generator.

A simple plugin to generate repeating blip-sounds, for testing transients, dynamics, reverberations, etc. Blip length, rate, pitch, attack length and output volume are adjustable.

Download Blipper 1.0

Balansia   (COMING SOON!)

Handy 2-channel mixer for adjusting stereo balance, and summing it to an adjustable width between mono and 2x wide stereo. Includes a polarity switch.

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