Download  StereOpposition 0.97

A set of stereo tools that can twist, turn, stretch and do many other things as well to the stereo image of a track. The visual animation is updated in real time, so you'll always see what is happening.

  • Pan Left / Right

  • Blend pan

  • Make wider (while keeping the midpoint)

  • Regular Mid/Side balance

  • Make narrower

  • Make only one side wider!

  • Slide the centre point Left / Right

  • Rotate the whole stereo image 360° around your head!

  • Includes a peak compressor for the output

  • Real-time visual animation

  • Integrated Help / User manual

​No matter how skewed your intern set the drum overheads, the stereo field will be in order in no time at all!

Version history:


0.97 (13.7.2019)

- GUI tweaks for better Windows compatibility.


0.96 (12.7.2019)

- Minor improvements in internal help behaviour

- Included a separate instructions pdf


0.95 (17.1.2019)

New feature: Mid/Side balance

- Various small graphics and UI fixes

- Note that "Continous Rotation" is still a beta feature


0.94 beta (5.1.2019)

- Removed leftover test signal at channel 3


0.93 beta (12.12.2018)

- Introduces continuous rotation speed adjustment

- WARNING! Continuous rotation causes an audible glitch when crossing the 180° point!


0.921 (5.1.2019)

- Removed leftover test signal at channel 3


0.92  (10.12.2018)

- Fixes for intermittent animation speaker position

- Different font for better readability


0.91  (9.12.2018)

- Slightly bigger font


0.9  (9.12.2018)

- Initial beta release

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