Version history:

1.17 (13.7.2019)

- Changed font and other tweaks for better Windows compatibility.


1.16 (9.7.2019)

- Fixed: Parameters loading when hidden.

- Fixed: Lag in dragging sliders.


1.15 (3.7.2019)

- New option for Dual Mono operation!


1.12 (15.04.2019)

- Changed to a font that should look more uniform across Win/Mac/Linux..

- Minor graphics refinements.


1.11 (24.10.2018)

- Fixed no output before plugin visible.

- Slider travel more precise.


1.1  (14.10.2018)

- Fixed losing settings and no graphics when reloading project.


1.0 (7.9.2018)

- Initial release.


Download  Routter 1.17

16-channel routing tool with options for Copy, Move, Merge and Replace, including volume sliders for source and target channels for precise blending options. Now with dual mono operation as well (version 1.15)!

Can also be used just as a volume control for a pair of channels.

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