Download  SonnyComp 1.06

A stereo compressor that is very versatile ​yet simple to use. Started as an economy low-consumption version of the MotherComp, but I decided to spice up the compressing behavior a bit as well. The slightly angrier brother... I mean son of the MotherComp!

Has all the features of the MotherComp, but is a slightly better fit with multiple instances as a per-instrument compressor.

Main features:

  • Usable already as a one-knob compressor.

  • A character slider caters for a huge variety of compressor requirements.

  • Traditional compressor parameters can be adjusted and saved as an offset to the pre-programmed character slider.

  • An innovative Attack Defence makes sure that even the longest attack times won't cause sudden drum strikes to jump out too much.

  • Output limiter keeps everything below 0dB with a 3 stage indicator light.

  • Very well suited for multiple instances on single instrument tracks.


Version history:

1.06 (13.7.2019)

- Fixed Offset boxes misalignment with larger font.

- Changed Offset boxes click behaviour to single-click.​


1.05 (13.7.2019)

- GUI tweaks for better Windows compatibility.

1.03 (22.10.2018)

- Fixed "stuck in init phase" which used a lot of CPU.

- Fixed and fine-tuned various graphics issues for retina and non-retina displays.

1.01 (20.10.2018)

- Scalable size to 0.5x or 2x.

- Fixed a graphics glitch when refreshing graphics.

1.0  (19.10.2018)

- Initial release

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