Download  Sky 2.04

Master limiter with an adjustable amount of character and a simple tilt EQ.

When mastering tracks I noticed myself adding the same collection of plugins almost every time, usually with the same settings. There are two points to this plugin:

  1.  To be able to squeeze the RMS to above reasonable levels without audible distortion or other negative effects.

  2. To replace a set of compressors/maximisers/limiters/dohickeys with only a few simple sliders.

I'm sure Sky will not succeed in null tests very well, but neither would the chain of compressors and other processors it is made to replace. Set the character to zero and squeeze... Does it help in making the mix sound good or not?

Sky 2.0 introduces new features and improves on the original many aspects. HIGHLY recommended update!

Version history:

2.04 (13.7.2019)

- Changed font and other tweaks for better Windows compatibility.


2.02 (5.1.2019)

- Removed leftover test signal at channel 3


2.01 (21.12.2018)

- Fixed disappearing meters when past 0dB

- Implemented peak indicators

- Removed testing parameters that caused a low limiting threshold. NOW it is cleaner than v1!


2.0 (20.12.2018)

- Cleaner limiting, more transparent sound

- Zero Latency mode for tracking

- Link Threshold & Volume sliders

- Cleaner graphics

- Improved CPU economy

- New, a lot better sounding Tilt-EQ filters


1.1  (5.9.2018)

- Initial release

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