Download  KickbAss 0.35

This sidechain bass compressor is a great tool in reducing low frequency build-up in the stereo mix.

Insert to a bass guitar track, and insert kick drum in the sidechain. The compressor will compress the bass guitar through a shelving low-pass filter whenever the kick drum hits. The frequencies above the crossover frequency remain untouched.

Without sidechain input functions as a stand-alone LP shelving compressor.

Version history:

0.35 (12.7.2019)

- Changed font and other tweaks for better Windows compatibility.

- Fixed non-retina compatibility.

0.33  (7.9.2018)

- Fixed compressing at 0% ratio if attack set higher.

- Rewrote attack and release compensation for ratio.

0.32  (5.9.2018)

- Initial release

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