Download  DynEQ 0.973

DynEQ and LinkEQ are now replaced by EQall!

2-band dynamic EQ with a serious amount of features. Includes precise Mid-Side processing.

For me the basic idea of a dynamic EQ is a bit lost on most plugins I've tried. DynEQ is a plugin I had seen in my mind for years. It's a serious tool, but be warned, the corrections are easily overdone! Instead, take use of the magical "Other instances" view and use multiple instances of the plugin.

Both bands feature:

  • Adjustable attack & release, automatically adjusted by band frequency.

  • Includes compression and transient enhancing expansion.

  • Optional sharp knee for the width adjustment.

  • Input & output gain.

  • Comprehensive and variable Mid-Side processing: Stereo, Mid, Side, Left, Right, 0-100% each.

General features:

  • Spectrum analyser (Stereo, Mid, Side, L, R) with RMS time window from 0ms to 10s. Adjustable resolution, slope, and vertical zoom.

  • Bottom bar shows the frequencies set by other DynEQ instances in the project, in 8 channels, colour coded by the MS setting.

Known issues:

  • Analyzer detector jumps up every now and then, depending on the amount of processing in use. The issue is not audible.

Version history:

0.973 (13.7.2019)

- Changed font and other tweaks for better Windows compatibility.

0.971  (7.9.2018)

- "Others" bottom bar visibility behavior fixes.

0.97  (5.9.2018)

- Initial release

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