Version history:

0.81 (17.9.2020)

- Added separated stereo mode (dual mono)

0.8 (3.3.2020)

- More precise metering
- Minor gfx improvements
- New source selector, including Mid & Side
- Mono out channel selection
- New: 100ms Pre-Comp feature!
- Fixed compressor hold, increased to 100ms

0.71 (26.2.2020)

- Bug fixes and refinements

0.7 (30.1.2020)

- All parameters now support global Undo
- Added adjustable Attack Limiter
- Advanced M/S processing to retain stereo field
- Reworked attack and release shapes
- Mouse drag refinements

0.6  (25.1.2020)

- Initial release


Download  CompLab 0.81

Dangerously powerful compressor.​ Can even mimick room mics from a close mic'd drumkit!

Attack ranges from one sample to 200ms, release ranges from 0.2 ms to 5 seconds... That already might tell you that CompLab can definitely cause destruction in the wrong hands. Or it can function as a limiter. Or as an actual distortion effect. Or even as a mellow, gently smoothening and 'invisible' RMS rider. It really is all up to you!

Notable features:

- Wide range adjustments:  Threshold, attack shape, attack time, attack limiter (v 0.7), hold time, release shape, release time, ratio, mix and volume

- Sidechain HP/LP filters up to 30dB/oct

- Mono L, Mono R, Stereo L/R, Stereo M/S

- Several options for monitoring

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