Guitar & Bass Amplifiers

Virtual amplifiers for Guitar & Bass.


2-band dynamic EQ with a serious amount of features. Includes variable Mid-Side processing.

Both bands are constructed from a versatile compressor/expander, backed with a precise spectrum analyzer.


Virtual Guitar Amp that can go from 60's fuzz to modern metal with a single slider, or a click on the A/B button that remembers two completely separate amp settings. Includes a room ambience and a simple delay with tap tempo. Select a mix of the two included cabinet impulses, or use an external IR loader.


Virtual Bass AMP with a sliding panel design to only show you the controls you need. Clean, crunch, or any of the 14 overdrive types that also include synths and naturally a ... duck! Or a mix in between.

Multi-/Singleband compressor, HP + LP + LSF + HSF + 6 bands of semiparametric EQ, two horns, 8 cabinets, and an output limiter. Phew!

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